Countless families and individuals come to Copaz to protect what really matters in life. As a Swiss-based independent trust and trustee services provider with a proud heritage, we fully appreciate the timeless value of absolute professionalism and impeccable integrity.

“A Tradition of Expertise, Excellence & Outstanding Service”


Trust formation and trustee services represent the cornerstone of our expertise. Copaz has a lengthy, distinguished track record of supplying the most comprehensive services in this field, tailored to each client's requirements.


We specialise in Liechtenstein Foundations – special-purpose asset protection tools that are permitted to engage in non-commercial or private-benefit activities – and ensure optimal management by serving as the foundation board.


Accurate, complete financial statements form the very basis of our clients' business activities, and they rely on Copaz to provide timely documentation and assist them with all their accounting and financial reporting needs.

Real Estate Trusts in Israel

Israel is known as a rising star in the real estate world, with steadily increasing property prices and soaring demand to match. This has made it an especially attractive option

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Making Trusts Work for You

Many clients’ initial encounter with the concept of a trust comes from the popular image of a “trust fund baby” – a privileged youngster from an immensely wealthy background. Although

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Liechtenstein Foundations

One of Europe’s smallest countries, Liechtenstein is best known in the financial sector for its unique foundations, or Stiftungen, which have historically been a favourite of high-net-worth individuals and companies

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