About Us

“There is nothing more important than protecting your future”

Copaz Trust & Trustee Consulting AG is a Swiss-based, privately-owned boutique company dedicated to providing superior consulting and management solutions distinguished by the utmost professionalism and attentive personal service.

We recognise the pressures and concerns faced by individuals and families seeking to protect their wealth in today’s rapidly evolving and highly demanding market. Through our unique, tried-and-tested offering, we go far beyond “regular” services, acting as our clients’ trusted partner and taking care of their every need and asset as though they were our own.

Founded and managed by prominent banking and finance experts with over a half-century of experience in asset management, estate inheritance management, legal matters, and many associated disciplines, Copaz is the preferred choice to create and manage trusts and foundations for a broad range of requirements. Our status as highly reputable independent specialists enables clients to enjoy dedicated service and an innovative approach, free from any conflict of interest or the influence of financial institutions.

Copaz is based in Switzerland, incorporated under Swiss Law, and regulated by PolyReg, a FINMA-approved supervisory organisation.

"Superior trust and trustee services to protect your wealth and your family's future"