Accounting & Support

Accurate, complete financial statements form the very basis of our clients’ business activities, and they rely on Copaz to provide timely documentation and assist them with all their accounting and financial reporting needs.

Our expert team invests time and effort in understanding each client’s business activities and requirements, helping them to smoothly navigate legislative and regulatory changes, and ensuring that the latest, most detailed information is always at their fingertips.

Copaz provides a number of key professional services in this field, such as:

Preparation of annual and periodic financial statements

Bookkeeping and accounting, including consolidations and portfolio accounting

Tax declarations

Banking services

Communication with local authorities

Secretarial and management support

Filing and invoicing

Financial controlling

Thanks to our partnerships with highly experienced accountants, asset managers, and other complementary service providers, including leading law firms in Israel, Liechtenstein, and Gibraltar, Copaz presents truly comprehensive accountancy solutions to serve any need.

"Smoothly navigate legislative and regulatory changes with services for any need"